The ceramics or pottery industry was quick to use of silicone moulding materials in the production of its cases for moulding slipware.  The use of silicone enables a degree of mechanisation and increased output rates. The other area where silicones have been put to good use is the automated process for printing ceramics using the pad printing method.

Case Making

As the final article usually consists of several pieces it is important to use a silicone that exhibits very minimal shrinkage. The ACC 200 series of addition cure moulding rubbers offer very low shrinkage and good physical strength to resist wear and improve mould life.

For more detailed information refer to the moulding pages

Tampo Pad Printing

Although originally a very old and simple method of ink transfer modern machines together and silicone rubber resulted in a high tech high speed operation. Silicone moulding rubbers repeatedly transfer ink from plate to the ceramic efficiently and with great accuracy. ACC242 addition cure rubber has been specifically developed for this application together with Tampo 50 dilution fluid and Tampo primer to improve adhesion to the backing plate.

For more detailed information refer to the Tampo print pages


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